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 At AutowHook Up we believe that the best way to maintain your vehicle is to choose a quality full-service auto repair shop and have service work performed by professional technicians trained to identify potential problems. Let our customers tell you where to go! 

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Happy Customers

Really just wanted a tow to another shop a friend had recommended and this place came up in the Google results for towing services. However, Hazel was so helpful, and their pricing was fairest, so I decided to have my car brought to their shop. The driver was very friendly and quick to arrive and rescued me from the street in Uptown in a timely manner. By the end of the day, they’d fixed the problem and charged a fair price, all while keeping in steady touch with me. I went in knowing what I needed done to get it taken care of, and they never tried to fleece me into spending more than was fair. I’m semi knowledgeable and know when I’m being ripped off, so having an honest team take care of my vehicle in a timely manner is a huge deal to me. Thanks y’all for being so pleasant to deal with, and doing your job right, and honestly!

Amanda De Benites

Where to begin? Excellent service in terms of professionalism, service, pricing and timeliness. The biggest worry for any consumer of auto repair services is honesty. Let’s face it, the industry as a whole hasn’t necessarily been the poster child of honesty and integrity. Every day there are horror stories of auto repair shops failing to deliver good and reliable service. This is not the case with Autow Hook-up Inc. The establishment is a local favorite and seeing other customers leaving the place laughing and in a good mood tells a lot about the experience. You will be given a fair assessment, great service at reasonable cost without feeling as if you just got ripped off (again). Need a reliable, trustworthy and fully capable auto repair shop, then bring your vehicle to Autow Hook-up Inc. Not anywhere near this gem of an auto service shop? I will drive two hours to get the quality service this place provides!

Alex Martinez

I am very pleased with my repair. Amazing service and very pleasant staff who work with finding out what the best option is and their financing is an awesome option. Thank you sooooo much Lilly, Jose, Gaby, and Kyle

Daniel Carl

Love the staff always honest and very professional. They make good coffee too.

Carlos Moran

Great service as always. I use their towing sevice. They are prompt and professional. Became a loyal customer. I trust them 100% with my car !!

Eugene Vazquez

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